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February 14, 2015 2 19


So you all know about my non nonsensical obsession with harping on about male chic. You do know. And if you didn’t, you do now. I come with great news, I have discovered a reason to harp some more. Oops.

I’m beginning to recognise my creativity on wordage (or lack of). How many repeats I hear you say? Well worse has happened.

4 letters and one word: PLAC. Slightly deflated that I was meant to be at the Highline Stages of Manhattan New York earlier this week and evidently, I wasn’t *sad face*.

All is not lost however; some Purple folk and little I have been busy getting the epic label on track within the western hemisphere.

Originating in South Korea, the brand, serving up minimalist both male and female edgy attire, simply yet practically, already has 120 store locations in that region and top notch stylist Tom Van Dorpe entirely endorses this cool bean of a brand or cleverly edged apparel entirely suited to my style buds, or a BRAND. A rad one at that.

This week has closed out to some (I can only guess) exciting debuts. And as you’d expect, PLAC will, I say will be breaking chains solo in Soho, closer to Fall this year.

PLAC Fall Winter 2015 constitutes of? Creative Director Jaewon Park embraces a notion of Young & Beautiful, focusing on chic tailoring of menswear though with street credibility.

Reworks of classics are wholly apparent, contrasts by way of colour and texture run deep throughout the collection. Superb I hear you say? I agree. I may as well park my accessories in the interim for this debut, lined around the contemporary urban specimen of man means I will probably be going in. Ahem, yes I will. The collection is like high on the inspo scale, and getting darn higher if I may say so myself.

My Instagram clearly depicts my level of love for a man in vibrant mustard and PLAC only engrain that love, seamlessly too with classy palettes in the form of blues, whites and blacks.

I can’t wait to get tactile; Saks lovers are in for a treat. Odin adorers’ too. Fall soon come baby, Fall soon come. And if you can’t wait it out, get to one of those retailers early March. Yes that is like soo next month.

Well done clever creatives, Over and Out

~ #placlover #placofficial @plac_official

all images via @PurplePRFashion

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  • Samuel Thomas
    March 1, 2015

    THANK YOU for introducing me to this brand! I love it. Great mix of practicality and cool.
    Samuel xx

    • Aisha Master
      March 5, 2015

      Glad you like!! PLAC your life and let basque the skies to Seoul ❤️

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