AllSaints’ Saints?

March 16, 2015 0 14

Let’s just take a moment shall we.

And if I do start to sound overly gargantuan by way of a hustler, I’ll say this; we all started somewhere. 

Now, you may or may not already know, my relationship with the Mr has about seen the length that this label has been around. A substantial amount of time, I and we and it have all lasted, woop to that.

Point: see when I first met the love of my life (not any bag or footwear / shoe form), there will have been a major factor that came into play in order for it to blossom. Being the mushy soul I am (not), for me it was the clothes (and profound well acquaintedness but we shan’t discuss that). Over compensated in every way, just how I liked it, ha! Of course you will guess (being the clever beings that you are) that a much loved label was none other than that of AllSaints. 

Almost 20 years old to the day.

A story lies herein , can you feel it? If only Instagram was alive back then, rephrase – ‘where has Instagram been all my life??’ 

I attended one of the first AllSaints’ previews at the Clothes Show Live – how uncomplicated things were back then. And back then was where it was at I tell you.

So, this little tale should in theory lead me nicely to tell you about a gem or two. If it doesn’t well, I tried. Still, read on. 

For reasons beyond you needing to know, I have been fairly quiet (on this platform) about presentations I attended over LFW, let that be no more.

AllSaints, for me, have drifted in and out. I loved the exclusivity on their debut collections, the transition to mega store coverage over and beyond Spitalfields left some desiring a different taste, I may have been one of them. Style has been on point but not without being let down by a little too much variation. Until now, I can’t say that I have personally welcomed all the elements. Before you judge, I am indeed a kindred spirit but this is a personal style website, and not everything is for everyone. 

Move along Aisha. 

AllSaints launches its first comprehensive women’s bag line. And I could not be happier with the textural juxtapositions in a form of ultra-sophisticated sex appeal (in a form of a bag).

The 48 piece Capital Collection is the latest addition to their non-apparel category, aimed at highlighting the brand’s commitment to design and quality craftsmanship.

Who has not been crying out for an AllSaints leather revolution?, leather is an AllSaints icon and oh boy they execute it so well, with minimalism in the form of zips and chains, refined elegance and wait for it, leather concealed studs. ***k me. Like whoa.

So you feel wealthily in the know, the collection is categorised into four distinctive families, each one’s name referencing the streets surrounding Allsaints’ creative studio in East London. That is smart. The Paradise, The Darling, The Fleur De Lis and The Club collections will all be available in stores from August this year. My wish list is ready and how happy I was to get all tactile with them long before you, just so I can tell you a little about it! 


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