Crotch droppin’

March 21, 2015 4 20

No fancy travel extravagances here, No (I’ll leave that for this time next week). Pivotal times however call for pronto write up measures.

Not the bag either, entirely feature deserving of course, particularly as I’ve been carrying it around like a newborn over the last week or so, allowing not so much as a remote brushing against anything that has any shape form, worried that it might get scratched. No that excitement is not for today either.

As the title suggests. I’m droppin’ a crotch, over one too many during days of late and here I am scribing about it. Clearly these airy like bottoms are the reason for trouser life.

Unforgiving of the said importance of an inside leg, these trousers have a mind of their own. Because de facto trouser life was designed to have a crotch hanging below where it needs to be, with a “voila, you have an engineered pair of bottoms”. It feels good. Maybe a little unsafe. But good.

Admittedly the bottoms generate particular glances, sometimes unwanted, always welcomed. I’ve never been one to care too much around what the views are on my personal style. If you like it wear it right?

In other news, the teenager in me says Insurgent is a rather good movie. Go watch. In a pair of “my crotch casually hangs at my knees” pair. Not at all suggesting you need a pair of crotch droppers in your life. Not at all.

Happy Weekend lovers. XOXO

trousers & sunglasses, Asos

shoes, Next

shirt, Berskha

bag, Givenchy

  • Marium
    March 21, 2015

    Hey love the trousers, are they still on the website? Cant seem to find them 🙁

    • Aisha Master
      March 21, 2015

      Hey.. They should be, I’ve not had them too long. xoxo

  • Samuel Thomas
    March 23, 2015

    Totally with you on ‘if you like it wear it’, what a great mantra to live by.
    Wonderful trews, more like jaw dropping!
    And that bag… xxx

    • Aisha Master
      April 26, 2015

      Samuel! thank you. Life is too short, let’s live to enjoy. Ps your Fendi is by far tdf ❤️❤️❤️

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