Fall out 

March 27, 2015 0 19

 Where dreams are made. So to speak. 

Concrete jungle, SO to speak for real
Travel and associated modus operandi by way of. 
Undoubtedly you will consider essentials wherever you go right? Tripod: check. Several pairs of shoes: check. Berocca: check too. More importantly however, here’s what the cabin bag (or some of) fall out looks like this morning, pretty placed on these crisp sheets, somewhere in Manhattan. 
High-performance mineral must haves would be an accurate summing up. Accused of having shares in this joint, I’d say I’ve pretty much been a devotee for quite some time now. Ms Khan, you got me. 
I should owe it to the man in my life for its discovery. Should
Free of parabens, synthetic perfumes or dyes. And yes apparently I have good skin. Slight disclaimer; this may just be entirely hereditary and not in anyway product related. 
I’m loving, want some? Try some. 
Anything else.. erm.. A Daim bar is like sex in a packet. Just saying. 
Ready and reporting back soon, I’ve some dim sum to tuck into and a date on top of the Empire State. XOXO.


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