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April 27, 2015 0 18

 I’ll start this as I mean to go shall I?

Currently sat deep into the surrounds of this rather comfortable base for a bottom that would be otherwise known as the passenger seat of this rather speedy A5. I’m a fan.

Mincing my words like much of a muchness politician, I’m swiftly reminding myself that I’m not here to discuss the uprise of a contango. 

Rather, travel associative paraphernalia and where it’s at quite frankly. Ok so my air mile profile hasn’t of late quite been what it is likely to surmount to in time to come. Who cares. Because #NewYorkCity!

And besides, associatives of the travel pack (other than items I’ve practically been living out of) have only just started to come out of their respective case. It’s not just me that leaves this till absolutely necessary I hear you say? Oh thank goodness. 

Starting this a*se about face this far in, and back to starting as I mean to go on.. battery about to die is the current status hanging over my head and would you be so kind to believe, I have no charger in sight. 

Therefor making it quick. I’ve been to a fair few places in my short but long life, however it is safe to say New York beats most on a whole other level. 

Clearly I haven’t shared enough pixels via other mediums. 

Clearly I’ve been back a while. 

Trunk junk has however flooded the inner walls of my heart with memories of this place and well reliving my experience through the few hundred pictures I took, here we are. 

If you have been you will know and if you haven’t, I suggest you rejig that bucket list a little.  And while you’re there, Jack’s Wife Freda has got in going on as has Chalait. Eat and love. And peace out. 


jumper, HM | footwear, Converse | dress, Monki | socks, Adidas 

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