May 6, 2015 0 21

Seamlessly unapologetic or so about the love I’m experiencing right about now.

And no, I am not about to spill nuances surrounding my love life. No no.

I am however going to spill some goodness surrounding harness like over-belts, my current most loved accessory. Probably as loved up with this as I was with finger armour, yes I went pretty cray with those. Blame Saint Laurent dear Vivienne for that.

So, the ever so famous ‘As Seen On Screen’ aka ASOS has been doing harness belts for a while, and get rid of the provocative images in your head now please *tut*. These would be of the kind you wear over your attire, much as styled here by non-other than yours truly Anda white shirt may be all you need. I love the sartorial feel it gives me, I love the fact that this accessory is entirely interchangeable.

Shot here (by another love**) on a rather blustery sunny Saturday (wait, that is sooooo not like the United Kingdom) whilst frantically running to join others who by their clock had already considered us to be tardy, no surprises there.

Be prepared I warn you, be prepared. I shall likely be wearing one of sorts on every other Instagram post I make. Oops.

Slight point to add.. I do hate to disappoint, but this creation right here is pretty much a one off, the advantages of being a stitch know how and all.  All is not lost however, Asos have a selection and if you get your thinking cap on, you too can create a variation of your own..or even two *smiles all around*. 

**I love how love is so expansive 🙂

cardigan & shirt HM, jeans Mango, shoes Asos, glasses Ray-Ban, bag, Givenchy 

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