Of late, all merry

May 20, 2015 0 17

“chopped the mane”

Quite literally rubbernecking (an almost) entire season 10 of #KUWTK is about how the personal life has been of late. Pants you might add, though I’m not sure I really care.. that coupled with a rather tantalising transition between Magnum’s Classic to Almond, deciding it’s to stay and then transitioning back. It’s all good, I’ve decided those transitions are in no way as challenging as Bruce’s. 

What’s more? attending meetings with a nice cotton reel teeny weeny in size tucked into one of the many pockets of my Givenchy Pandora (that I keep repeat offending with), just so I can go to the rest rooms and pretend to powder my nose but instead remove stubborn hairs from my upper lip. I’m hoping you’re thinking that’s hilarious, even more so hoping that you have engaged in similiar activity. If not well it can prove quite effective. Or at least until a rather coiffed counterpart walks in and skews eyeballs like wtf?? 

Moving on.. I’ve chopped the mane. I’m loving it, dare I say it shower times have halved and it means I may get to places on time (optimism at its best). In a world full of extension possibilities, there’s quite the will. (And the extensions). No more on this subject needs to be said.

 And. That brand. Maccica. Debuts in London at the end of this month. Woop please thank you. I mean if you so wish, check it out on Instagram @maccica and follow the journey. I know I know the uptake has been slow but what’s it they say.. timing is key. Right? Items you will be able to purchase soon and if I may say so myself, the pieces are pretty rad and designed entirely by yours truly. 

Lastly, some exciting news. Or atleast for me.. Stay tuned June. 

That’s all folks. XOXO

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