Baggy fuss

June 28, 2015 0 31

Current parallel mode of sorts would be beach side, cocktail or two in hand, sunglasses and well maybe another cocktail. Yes I can multitask. 

Back down to it for I’m not beach side and instead attempting mastering pastry chef habits, damn this is hard. Labo’s latest look book is a stones throw away and I’m contemplating playing bin ball, aka basketball and not with the mag. 

You might think I enjoy babbling, I’m inclined to say that you aren’t wrong by the assumption you make there. All I’m wondering however is that it’s been far to long since my livo presence here and therefor I am. 

An update by way of “its been way too long since I last sat on an aircraft” (so hasn’t) though that’s likely changing that in the next 24 hours or so – no doubt it will lead to a definite Instagram bombardment (oops, not hanging my head in shame). 

I’m still loving baggy shirts and given that it’s pretty much sweaty pants climate in and around London, it suits me just fine. Not a huge fan of sweaty climates, it leaves me short of a layer or two. What you can see however, is that loose separates can work but then I would say that. I swear I’m hiding this ensemble, from me. 

Oh and I seem to have embraced my shorter hair even more, I’d say blow drying is an more. 

Peace out. I’ve some packing to do.

shirt & boots HM / glasses & trousers ASOS / jacket ZARA / bag GIVENCHY 

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