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Aiming for the stars and landing somewhere in the clouds is surely better than aiming for the ceiling and getting there, right? No idea.When stupidly early starts become the norm over option, surmounting to dehydrated orbital syndrome (entirely made up) you know an eye cream of sorts is something you need to a) stock up on and b) take advice on. One word, one syllable; Kiehl’s. Their avocado eye cream is quite literally golden. Actually green, but golden.

Back to it, to the very world we live in, where hashtags, 160 characters and an emoji or two sum up an evaluation of ones character, likeness to humanity and good fashion sense. Getting warm? It’s what I’ve been thinking of lately. That together with seldom considerations that my role heading up a pivotal function of a Pan European conglomerate (apparently) is high profile, I’m being told it is. Ten percenting, whatever that means.

That very descriptive excerpt of a textpiece  defines the reality as to why I haven’t been around of late, both here at Compendium Amplified and that platform we all love and judge by; Instagram.

Like most of us, confound to daily perils of a professional life, doing this not that and vice versa.

And being kindly asked to get involved with things that take away my personal attribute to this space and speedily avoiding it. Not sure what the takeaway of being a blogger amounts to in life. Really. A defeatist by no means and always overwhelmed by continued support – I started this space a little and a bit over a year ago, primarily to share my thoughts and style, not overly acute as to what it will bring about.

For all reasons delightfully noted, realisation that with the little time I have left, what with having to fend for my yetti like bod (I’m kidding), there is no time!

Nevertheless, here I am, new booties to bare. And mega hyped about my evening ahead. Woohoo.On a more fancy note, check out my recent collab with Then and Now.

Thank you. XOXO

boots – Asos / dress – vintage / glasses – Pull & Bear / top – Asos / bag – Givenchy / leggings – HM / lips – Kiko

    May 22, 2017

    Your amazing! Love you & your gram!

    • Aisha Master
      May 22, 2017

      Hey you! You just reminded me of all the reasons why I love writing.! I’ve just read my own blog! Haha! Thank you!! X

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