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October 30, 2015 1 29

So. It’s been a while since I was here, alas I’ve conjured some good scribble time. (Clearly) just figured out that maybe I need to get things out on the aether sooner than I’d like, but what with little time left to spare for pencilling an eye or two, you can go figure.

Budapest. One word, was two. Three syllables and yo what a beauty. To the point that la personal pecking order has had to be spoken to (it lives); where an earth have I been all these years if not to Budapest. Well plenty actually. Still. Why never Budapest.  

I could go on about each of the sites, The Chain Bridge being one of them, but given that you google more often than you say mom these days, I’ll leave it out. Particularly as being a writer is just not the luxury of choice these days – I’ve work to get done.

What I will reflect on however is this; don’t (ever) be fooled by discovering one side more than the other. If your wondering at this point what I’m referring to, Buda and Pest (pesh) were indeed two different cities up until yes erm 1873, not that long ago. And, their individual beauty remains in situ. The altitude and rather breathtaking nature of Buda gives it away, quaint paths and buildings alike. Pest being the more built up side, giving a more architectural and industrial feel.

Secondly, where you stay is paramount, not in terms of postal code, but rather the very housing of your accommodation. With a place that stands in mass glory and holds so much history, some sad but not all, why wouldn’t you want to sleep and dine any different. Well you might want to. Anyway. I chose to reside in non other than the Boscolo of Budapest. And let me tell you how wow brown f**king cow.   


This place omg. Intricate State building: check. Finery: check. Food: check. Marble factor: a big fat check. Balcony lovers: check. Architecture: galore and check. Spa: check. Ok enough with the checks already. Have you heard of the very famous New York Cafe? Yes that famous old thing serving delectable treats under delectable ceilings? this is the very heart of the Boscolo. 

Was I ecstatic? Rather. Probably, dare I say it, one of the best hotels I’ve resided in a very very long time. Grand factor is right up there, NASA high. 

What else? Well Budapest may not be the fashion capital of the world, and it may never be. However, if you want to get your luxury designer wheels in motion, Andrássy út (avenue) is the place. The local currency (Forint) converts better than the Euro. I guess what I’m telling you is it will likely cost you less to pick up a treat from the boutiques on offer. Woop.

Back to that fashion bit, it’s getting there, watch this space.

Toodles for now, three flights down, three to go. Well actually. Yes. 




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  • Sima
    November 1, 2015

    I enjoyed this one x

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