Seeing red

November 2, 2015 0 37

Sarah Watkinson-Yull. Pretty full on babestation if you ask me, when she’s like “industry experts told us that it wasn’t possible to make high heels in the UK, we never gave up and are proud of our efforts to have made it happen and to change people’s mentalities“.

So ya and just like that.

Recent campaigning, seeing red for what it truly is. And with no new faces at my fingertips, my considerably ‘too tanned from Turkish riviera rays’ face took to the streets of London this rather wet October afternoon. And what with Terry getting his mega kit on, it wasn’t too hard, just looking at his lens pack made me feel like my loud ensemble surmounted to a minuscule plate of avocado, smashed for want of a better word, with black pepper – minimal.

Back to Yull and leather Cornbury is where I have it. Rather Kate Middleton-esque and no I’m not complaining. Not that I, in any way, plea to have her grand stature, or hair strand even, she’s atomic.

Every now and again, come rain or shine, visioned elementals of a shoot fall together.. even if frizzy hair slowly becomes the barbaric occurence of the day. Off now to have a chat with Sarah, following her on Instagram means we are friends right? Also off for that sole purpose in life – searching the ultimate hotline bling parody, ok kidding, actually to find me 10 ways to look like Kate. Or Pippa. Actually no, Kate.

Rewind; yullXaisha will get you 15% off your very own cultivated and made in Britain pair.Woopda. Comfort factor 10/10. Woopda trebled.

Tomorrow is a new day, and. And this is an award winning image, isn’t it Terry. yep.


Shoes, Black Cornbury by Yull

Umbrella, Burberry

Dress, own design

Bag, Louis Vuitton

Jeans, Jamie by Topshop

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