Brow life 

November 11, 2015 0 44

If ever. If ever, brows were the only thing one looked at whilst rummaging through page spilling new faces, it would be, by far, a 2 2 chicken nando of a situation. If only.

Gleaning at pixelated beauties through the means of my airy tablet is the common occurrence of late, a reality that beaming  brows aren’t so readily out there is sinking in fast. Harsh. But true. And no, the idea of drawing them over and above their original size is not cool. Accentuating them is. But who am I?

Here’s Tamara, with brows for life. Deservingly well scouted but with this quirk cranked rad face, are you surprised? Didn’t think so.

Copious posing elements coming from a girl just about finishing high school is what’s getting me excited. Test shoot mastered. Models 1 aced it. Bravo.  



Photography; Sophia Weston 

Styling; Aisha Master 

Hair; Holly Louise Carr

Makeup; Sarah Shaw

Model; Tamara Long @ Models 1

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