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December 21, 2015 2 23

I must admit, my first visit to Vienna was a little, let’s just say, unexpectedly surprising. Visions of what I had imagined (actually cooked up in my head) did not quite match with what the reality was. No insinuation of good, bad or indifferent here; just different. For the record, I’d still go back, not at all getting my choices twisted up.

Graz however, how cute is this Styrian joint?. I’m back here again soon (sooner than I can say the word ‘February’) and so what better time to reminisce. The fact that I was unable to exercise my cute SS16 collection didn’t bother me in the slightest, nor will it, for this place has it’s own chic. 

The fact that Vera and the extended Weitzer team invited me for a chat about what I do and my travels didn’t either. I mean a girls gotta talk right?

And talk we did. A little less than fresh on the brain thoughts here for I am not quite sure as to where the last couple of months have gone, (and believe me Sophie knows).. I chose to stay at the Weisler Hotel, part of the Weitzer family. They’re getting about these Weitzers, expanding here there and everywhere and I couldn’t be more of an advocate – I’m loving their take *cheesy grin* on hotel life. The quirkiness that envelopes the luxury of this place is quite something else. Far from parochial, with equally breathtaking views and the ever so palatable Mur waters flowing past its doorstep. I’m not sure I could have asked for a better spot to lay my head down some, or to soak battered limbs some.

Badged too, with exclusivity for over a hundred years and home to stars alike (Arny included), this places offers walk in showers like never before, hand painted basins quite frankly tdf, binoculars for your savvy peepers and some more than a bit more. Intentionally spoiled walls & minimalist wardrobe props more. And. And a pint or so of nutrient vowing body wash from Weitzer’s own range Daniel, giving, dare I say it, Aēsop a run for its money.      

Female pow wow is probably at its highest too, one of the few last standing hotels to house their own female traditional barber for that ultimate foamy trim. Of course, more for him (awkward sigh).

What’s else? Can’t get a room? opt for the more traditional big pa next door. Equally grand, just heightened with maturity (Chesterfield included).

Lover lover of Austria. Toodles for now.

  • Kalan Laws
    December 30, 2015

    The hotel looks amazing!

  • Naushin
    January 3, 2016

    Graz is wonderful and quirky, agreed. We stayed on the outskirts at Harry’s Hotel Home- a veritable tribute to IKEA-like style- and had the best Creme brûlée ever ever thanks to bartender Christian and his South African girlfriend. Can’t wait to go back some summer!

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