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March 30, 2016 0 21

Of late, just about staying afloat. Sleepless nights are on the rise, what with contracts encroaching on KUWTK time, more flights than hot dinners & just short of 12 hour long shoots Inbetween. *insertion of a whut even face*. 

Living out of a case wearing more business attire than torn Ts and dare I say it, sweats, got me thinking. 

 Who wouldn’t?, and why ever wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you take hot steamy showers accompanied by none other than your travel wardrobe neatly hung at arms reach behind the doors of a steaming bathroom, doors jammed shut. The assisting of eradicating travel creases using this very method is a thing ya know. Genius. You get steamed, clothes get steamed, mirror gets steamed, you get sweaty, everyone’s happy.

Now you know what I got up to last night, I’ll move on.
  Weeks ago, I took a dashing leap into @davidblakeley’s arms, styling him for Hawes and Curtis. Slight contradiction; weeks ago, I so didn’t leap into his arms, but style him I did. Together with his partner in action, cranking up that duo combo with sex appeal to kill; @evapavlusová.
Here are just some of the images, snapped by none other than celebrity photographer @ejlewis. Pretty cracking job if you ask me. Pretty cracking job if you don’t ask me too, I’m ok with either.

THE Hawes and Curtis SS16 lookbook is now live #shardlife and ready to be spotted billboard size at a store near you.

Eva pulls off the bestest pussy bow and well David, his ruggedness leaves me with some simmering thoughts, all good but not be disclosed. We all know how rumours start (jk). Steamed glass at said building was kept well under control, you’ll be glad to know it. 
Hovercraft calling.

See ya! XOXO

Collection; Hawes & Curtis

Models;  David Blakeley & Eva Pavlusová

Photographer; Emma Jane Lewis

VisualsDaniel Purnell

Styling; me




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