Spring (and summer)

May 23, 2016 0 15

Favourite time of the year calling and my look du jour is preset and locked.

Feel free to get juicy on trend via my latest article out on 3 colours rule dot com, it’ll set you ahead it will.

The 90s go bang bang yet again, what an era to have been living my teenage years through; the most iconic styles being baggy denims, shoulder-less tops and chokers.

It’s the latter that does it for me, and for those keeping up with my Instagram will see I’m not partial to a choker stroke neck tie or two.

And herein lies the subject; chokers full stop. Worn by hundreds, liked by few, or liked by few but worn by hundreds. Kourtney loves them and I do too. No rhyme intended, but, pretty much the keenest style point of 2016 will be thy choker. Fat choker, skinny choker, ribbon choker, rope choker. Leather choker, mesh, velvet and of course jewelled. But of course, you already know this. Right?

Conversations of late, with talented Dunasab has given to my life an uprising of hand made, hardwear complimented pieces, sending me off into a world wind. And me being me, thought I ought to share.

Dunja Sabilic, although trained as an interior designer, has had fashion at the very top of her interests and alas, Duna Sab was born.

Right now, it is very inspiring for me to work with leather and experiment with architectural, streamlined design, which I think stems to great extent from my education as an interior designer.

The aesthetic she enjoys the most is minimalism. Digging that.

Loving the idea of contrast design, her chokers are tough statement pieces balancing seamlessly both sensual & romantic looks.

Her website is in the process of being completed but fear not, for until then, you can still find all of her rad pieces on Instagram.

And on that note, I’m over and out. Go on, enjoy. For chokers are currently, your life. XOXO.

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