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May 22, 2018 0 16

It’s been a while.

Not quite a billions seconds mind, just 62 million. Pausing at that thought.

How the heck are you?

On a separate note, fresh eyes or fearless minds or even both together, are still discredited. Fear not though, in an ever saturated market, there’s room for everybody, so if you’ve been putting off blogging, there’s no time like the present.

Moving on.

Of late I’ve been working with some pretty awesome beauty brands. I know, I know – you know.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to NUDESTIX, all over again. This time their magnetic eye sticks.

Now not to throw shade or anything, but heavy makeup is just not my thing. It’s not even like I don’t need it, it’s just I still lust over the idea of no makeup makeup. Chic effortless looks. *rolls eyes at own cliché attempt*.

I created my own NUDESTIX palette of 6 in a neat black box, 3 everyday lips (can be used on cheeks too) and 3 metallic eyes (all purpose if you fancy jet black metal on your nose tip) that can take me from day to night in a jiffy. Jiffy is such a British term isn’t it?

My chosen shades;

Entice, Vintage and Fringe for lips (Matte finish) &

Immortal, Queen Olive and Angel for eyes (magnetic luminous finish).

The staying power on these shadow sticks are something else, they’re blend-able for about 60 seconds so if you’re a huge procrastinator or can’t stay away from checking feed updates in between your primer and your foundation, you might want to reconsider.

longwearing, waterproof, neutral eye shadow pencil that delivers and highlights the face’s highpoints; like cheekbones, tear ducts and brow arch. This 4-in-1 application is easy to use, but still gives intense color, precise lining, and primes lids for all day wear. Ideal for oily lids, these fun and sassy touch n’go makeup stix are soft and super gliding, easy to blend, with even payoff that will provide a quick and easy ‘nude look, but better’ for all faces in all places

Ngl that they deliver volume in colour, and you don’t need primer littleredcorvette so shove off.

Wearing Immortal on my eyes and Fringe on my lips. Littleredcorvette is often critical of my makeup habits but even she pretty much STF(ridge)U. Wah.

Knock yourself out with all the info on the eye sticks here.

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