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May 23, 2014 2 35

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Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetnot an advocate for denim by any means, for that matter, not one for cotton or even any imprecisely defined wool. for matters of purpose here however, subject will be, by choice, a little inquest into denim.

perhaps James Dean has a little to do with the triumph of the great ruggedness that is denim, or does he? never mind, the fact alone that globally, the denim market is set to reach $56 billion by 2018 is surely a pretty large ordeal, right?

let’s get to a little admonition; hail to the Italians of Genoa (jeans) and the French of Nimes [de nimes] (denim). this of course would be for THE introduction, undoubtedly for most of us, to a versatile product that we all swear by today. dating back to the 1500’s, bought to life in the 1800’s by Levi Strauss and by natural style evolution, onto the catwalks about 180 years later. not forgetting of course my choice of attire here, there are no signs of denim plummeting even today.

the 1970s were likely the real hitter, after the world had gotten over the general anarchist & rebel perception that James Dean created in the 50’s with the movie, ‘a rebel without a cause’.

considered over time as the most popular casual wear, we are now in an era where denim is no longer ‘casual’ by any definition, quite frankly it’s the opposite, it’s the shiznix, dressed up or dressed down, denim appears to be somewhat eternal.

so much so even, that we are tearing it, lashing it with acid, blasting it with sand and pre shrinking is merely a thing of the past, just thinking how much fun I’d have being a denim technician, and the uses of a blaster when I’m irate, ok, i digress.

herein, the outfit of choice is good ole’ DD (or is it). not the size of any unmentionables might I add, that’s right, it is in fact, D O U B L E  D E N I M, and, prevalently, it’s showing no signs of waning.

known tricks are to either channel the same colour, or by the same token, going for a contrast and if layering, avoiding the same shade. actually, scrap that and just do what makes you feel epic. Afterall, what you wear is surely a reflection of you, consider it a compendium of inner style tendencies.

what cometh after the waffle? the perception is doubling denim which I certainly have adopted a fair amount of lately, although actually, the jacket is entire hide, a great, goat velvet soft, sexy silk lined hide. no buts, well not as such, the look is of double denim and long may it stay.

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jacket, Christian Dior

T, just cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

pants, Replay

shoes, Next

bag, Topshop

lips, Topshop

  • Zubeda
    May 23, 2014

    Amazing WELL DONE! Very interesting

    • Aisha Master
      May 23, 2014


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