May 13, 2014 2 31

literally 2700 seconds from track pants and slick not in the fashion sense hair to achieving a pre determined look was the aim. and another 2700 seconds or thereabouts to prove to my audience, that on matters of my tardiness, they have mis judged.. eek.


how effective was my planning?

most of you will have figured, i have rather long hair, which in recent times, is missing the end of a good pair of scissors, though that would be another story. the water retention capabilities it has, still remain a phenomemon to me.

WASH + DRY = 3o mins

face, i don’t care but serpentine will be it, green is the look, even if it is smacked on my lips as oppose to a complimentary addition to a perfectly black dress.

FACE = 10 mins

accessories and trimmings, well, have i prepared? afterall i have known about this rendevous for at least a week. in short no, my brain functions in bins, if it is not your day, you are out, sorry.

RANSACK = 15 mins

oops, so i was a little delayed with my arrival, but surely, i am not alone.

SHAKE DOWN: 8:30pm

ME: 8:50pm maybe even a minute or two over




lips, Limecrime, Serpentine

shoes, Stradivarius

clutch, H&M

cuffs, Asos

The rest, vintage and handmade


  • Safira bahadur
    June 16, 2014

    Love all ur posts babe. Xxx

    • Aisha Master
      June 24, 2014

      thanks gorg, glad you like them, hope all is well, XOXO

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