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Love Of The Double Breast



mannish it up.

 the industry often gets dissenting rep for fashion mistakes, surely this calls for knowing that it doesn’t mean we are uncivilised. male attire can often leave some feeling somewhat maligned in society, never mind general slovenly behaviour of others or one’s lack of taste in shoes. at the very least and by definition, it may be telling a powerful story?

the secret is versertility. specifity doesn’t often fly in a mans world, why should it in a womans? why do we feel the need to often defend purchases or derive them by association? if it looks good, go for it!

this bad boy right here, is a vintage St. Michael, i feel whomever owned it previously was not quite the fickle contrarian that adopted my food coma lifestlye. nevertheless it is in my book, perfect.

the winter muffin top, (whilst freakishly wading through a pack of biscuits) is well and truly in tact here, layered under a simple black T, a cardi that has more holes than wool, and of course, my man friend.

see? zero implications, just sheer comfort and a little sartorial finesse, it works. if you too are aesthetically meticulous like me, you will feel bump and lump aligned, if not well, be a menace and give it a go anyway, many a things are discovered at plunge.

mannish ensembling is doing quite the thing for me. it fulfills what i want to say on so many levels, of which comfortable chic is one.


T, Bershka

cardigan, Linea

blazer, St. Michael  vintage

pants, H&M

shoes, Topshop

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