May 15, 2014 4 31


for a skirt lover, i appear to be laundering this faux parchment pair somewhat a lot lately.

more black is what my head echoes, bit of a contrast to my somewhat crazy and bold outfit choices of the not too foregone past. maybe it has something to do with my feeble attempts to embrace adulthood, or, maybe just an epoch in my here and now, the latter probably more pertinent as i am already an adult. (grin).


not the most creative capture, and a face neglected of my usual winged eyeliner approach to the day, i figured the best way to rock out like a boss was to keep it simple. and, might i add, easy too, as i am gawkishly tardy.


keep it simple, but add hair, aside my own mane of course. hair, by way of fur, by way of no mammals hurt, seems to be a given any day. unless of course it is screaming 71 down the promenade, that would be the park that fur point. or would it?

rolling up of sleeves, clearly gives me a headstart to something, head pert, deamenor on, and; let’s go.


collar, River Island

pants, H&M

shoes, Céline


  • Maryam
    May 23, 2014

    My girl you rock… Black is always a must in wardrobe….

    • Aisha Master
      May 23, 2014

      thanks babe, i think i’m turning to black more than ever! 🙂

  • Lucy
    May 28, 2014

    I cannot believe i didn’t realise you had a blog – so sorry! The exams were too much lol. I am in love, it’s so clever and cool. I love your posts, you look gorgeous here and the minimal theme is effortless.

    Added to my blogger reading list babe – my new favourite read! xxxx

    • Aisha Master
      May 29, 2014

      hey hey gorgeous, yes i figured i may aswell put pen to paper, only a very recent thing so don’t worry. thanks for the feedback, glad you like it, yours too is effortless chic, look forward to some great reads!! much love XOXO.

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