MOOD. Weekend.

January 16, 2015 3 23

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MOOD. major.
about sums up all that I’m thinking of right now. sweet.
cryptic utterings although not intended seem a to be a commonality. herein, I do aim to change that. I do I do.

full on brain dead. I feel the need to conjure words so here goes.

the last few days have resulted in bringing the old yoga regime back into my daily routine and all these gaaah healthy eat pics tainting (not) my social media updates are quite frankly killing me. moments ago, a jar of Nutella and I engaged. I feel a bit sick and the bottle is half empty. not really a half full kinda girl. compulsively pessimistic. no really, I feel sick. what have I done?

the weekend is around the corner and new muscles stretched aching or not, I’m going in. pretty lady meet eats whilst delivering life updates. yes. aka a good what’s hot and what’s not session.
AND a certain handsome cerebrally astute chap has accomplished the memorising of, wait for it.. 114 chapters spread over something like 600 odd pages of a book that is in fact quite dear to me. celebrations constituting of a food frenzy communal. woopidooo. rather epic right? his skills I mean.

both the above paired with maybe a date and several pyjama hours will be my lot. et tu?

we’re already into the 3rd week of 2015. AND ‘more exercise’ promises are sustained! (high five emoticon). that and my first article for 3 Colours Rule is now live. you can sneak (it’s hardly sneaky) a peek here.

off now to plough through jurisdictions around TUPE laws and drown in copious cortado’s.

catch you lovely lot soon. XOXO

  • Shabana aka purpleflower
    January 27, 2015

    Congratulations sweets xoxo

    • Aisha Master
      January 27, 2015

      thanks gorg soul. hope you like the piece.. do enjoy!! XOXO

  • Olalomi waliyyah
    November 10, 2015

    I like it

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