February 5, 2015 0 22

well. Manuel. or man well? err yes Camembert with choice of words ha!

I know I know, I uttered the infamous line of “back tomorrow”, and that was two days ago. I failed, and this can easily happen I tell you.

Manuel or man well?? I’m not going to lie about the way I feel about a well dressed man, Manuel or not & to the point of chic starstruck behaviour when one is around, that’s not too odd surely, I appreciate style. what strikes conversation in this case however, is a woman dressed man well. for a number of years I’ve happily exercised his wardrobe, and I’m entirely guilty of brushing through the smallest sizes in the male section when out shopping, I find the fit is dreamlike and my desired look is achieved on so many levels; usually oversized, usually boxy, usually me.
a male chic repertoire shot here from a few days ago. FYI; waistcoats are pretty damn badass, I’d go all in. point to note however – try a men’s small first and see how it transforms your life. then tell me about it.

In other news, a little excitement your way comes. just shortly.


trousers, UTH
polo, HM
waistcoat, All Saints
shoes, Mango

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